November 12th, 2006


MP3 Request.

If all possible, could someone please upload Tracks #14 & #15 from Sound Duel 2? A while back I used a torrent to download all the Sound Duels, but honestly, all the tracks are fuzzy and those in particular are two favorites I'd really love to have. Even though having the Sound Duels themselves would be great, I don't wanna ask for too much. I used to have decent MP3s of these two, but alas they're not gone. Thanks muchly to anyone that can help.
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Well this is no good...

...does anyone know what happened to the site : That was one of my resources for my pics and now it looks like it's gone or hopefully the server's down or something? *sighs* I was going to go there to get some screens of Bandit Keith and he's not exactly a popular character or one that you can find images of easily, so does anyone think they can help me out with that? Please? Thank you much.