November 11th, 2006

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I r spammer.

Well, no, I'm not a spammer, but it appears that Mahaado is. XD

As a small back-story, I frequent a certain art message board, and I have no idea for what reason, but the board's been subjected to hackers, viruses, and bizarre spam.

I mod a certain section of it, and while I was on my regular spam hunt, I've spotted this, and I can honestly tell you, I didn't laugh this much in a while. XD

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And also, while being completely irrelevant to YGO itself, but not the community, I think some of you might find this interesting. A while ago someone introduced me to a nifty little thing called Gabbly, where basically you just add before an URL, and a little chat box pops up, so you can chat with people without having to download an IM. XD This is all done via your browser, and can be done on any website.
So, just for kicks, if anyone is interested, PTDC chat.

And I'm done. XD
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computer war

group icon dump =3

final icon dump of the current set =3
this one is a bunch of random duos, trios, and pairs + a random season 0 KC logo =3
credit is appreciated, comments are welcome
no hotlinking or baku will pwn your soul with his pikachu!
crossposted =3


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the next set will prolly be more anime, a bit of manga, and perhaps some yugioh-r =3