November 10th, 2006

28 YGO Icons!

[15]Yuugiou: Abridged Series
-[02]Yami no Bakura
-[02]Yami no Yuugi
-[01]Ryou + Jounouchi
[16]Fullmetal Alchemist

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I've been watching the Spongebob marathon today and I just caught a commercial for this new video game called 'Viva Pinata'

*FANSPASM* Dan Green is doing the voice for the pinata in the commercial!!! =DDD

*sporfle* Yu-gi-oh!, King of the pinatas XD *is bricked*
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Liz - I drew a SHARK 8D

Crossover Fanart (Please Don't Kill Me. ;-;)

Ha ha, hello all again! XD; Time for some random crossover fandom/fanart.

Well, I was really excited when USA said they were airing the Mummy movies + Scorpion King (I've seen all these movies a dozen times and am still in love with them) because since I started watching them, I always place one of my favorite YGO! characters into the mix. X3 At least the Egyptian theme still holds. I mean, the High Priest, killing the Pharoah? Doesn't that scream a certain love/hate relationship? *coughKaibacoughYami* XD

Apologies for anyone who absolutely hates the movies though. X3;

Anyway. So, after taking a pair of scissors to a noticable mane of hair...

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