November 5th, 2006

WJ Nya! =3

I've finally done it.....

Umm...consider this an art dump?  More colored Eggs and Atemu with kids! XD;;

Eggs first...:
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Okay......remember this?'s that dream I had that led me to the conclusion that Yami was or is bald.  Well......I drew him and his boys.....I've taken Dragon's idea and named the boys.  Ausar is the older one, and Teremun is the younger one. =3  *stabs funky anatomy she didn't feel like fixing* Enjoy! ^,^;;
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*crawls back under rock now*

Help again!

Does anybody know of an online store, that operates in the US, that sells the Egypt Arc of Yu-Gi-Oh!? Preferibly uncut? *cough*hk_dvds*cough* None of the sellers on E-Bay have the last episodes and the one that does is from Hong Kong. Thanks