November 4th, 2006



Okay, Question!

I just got cable internets and decided to hook to Yu-Gi-Oh Online. And I was wondering, is it USUAL to have them ask you for 150+ MB of updates regularly? I first insalled the phase one game I bought from Gamestop, and it wanted me to download 350 MBs worth of updates. I decided to download the game off the site than baby the program as it downloads 150 MBs. (YGO online for some reason errors my virus program and trillian.) So I downloaded the game today off their website, which was 350 MBs, install, click the program, and it says I STILL need to download 150 MBs of updates! It's frustrating!
computer war

yugioh-r anyone?

so apparently there was a power implosion at lj's data center last nite (hope everyone is okay o_O) and so i couldn't post this crack last nite so you're getting it now =3

i've decided that yugioh r is made of win. only on chapter six and already yami, jou, and honda have encountered several characters with such poor style, GX would reject them XD and let's not forget the sho marafuji reject, the girl who lets her cards suck her blood, and a guy with leather chaps. and one of the bad guys ended up in the garbage chute! such win!

and so much of magical trevor and his hot girlfriend it's almost unbearable!.... almost!

oh how i wish i could find it in english so i could understand more of what's going on! janime only has it partially translated.

definitely thinking of making gx icons.

anyone else enjoying the crack of this series as much as i do?

and oh yeah, 4kids tv is replaying the original yugioh at 11am saturdays =3