November 1st, 2006


That worldwide garage sale

Yay! The Yami No Bakura plushie I won for a friend on eBay has arrived! He's seems a tad smaller than the pics, but smaller just means cuter. 'Tis a good thing I'm not a fangirl, or I might be tempted to do bad things with it and my digital camera. I'll leave that up to the friend I got it for. She paid for him after all, Bakura now belongs to her :)

(Totally fake cut to a pic, for those who didn't see it before)
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WJ Nya! =3

The Kiabas have stolen my brain!! @_@

*blink*......*blink*  Well........It is once again time for me to tell you of a dream I had.  No Yami or Yugi this time......but it was caulked full of the Kaiba brothers.........Mokuba mostly.......

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So there you have it.......a frightening view of the inside of my mind.......XD
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