October 30th, 2006

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My Tribute To Little Kuriboh...

...and the Abridged Series. I only got these 3 done :

And I don't want to push my luck as everyone here's already seen it and probably run it into the ground, so I won't do anymore from this. And as you can also see, I added my own little spice of life to a couple of these *grins*
Jena Run - Smooooch
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Insert Title Here

This is a bit strange, but there's something I've been trying to figure out for ages.

Almost immediately after becoming a part of the YGO fandom, I've been crossover/random/crack RPing with various friends. One of said friends, when RPing Yami Bakura, used the name "Akifa" for him. She heard it from another friend of hers, who got it from various other sources.

Of course, after finishing the entire series years later, I know the name was never used officialy (yet I still use it all the time in RPs, since I've become so used to it. (and for me it's easier/less confusing then typing "Yami" all the time, or calling him "Bakura" while calling normal Bakura "Ryou". *lazy/stupid*))

So basically...I'm wondering if anyone knows where the hell this name originally popped up/how quickly it got snuffed out? x___o Or even if you've ever heard this at all, because honestly it's going to drive me nuts if I don't find at least a couple other people that have. @_@;;
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computer war

random dump =3

all partied out from halloween and my bday, i'm giving gifts to you: a plethora of random icons!

teh list:
13 mokuba
5 kaiba bros
2 insector haga
1 ghost kotsuzuka
1 isono
3 kajiki ryouta
1 rishid
1 pantomimer
1 shaadi
1 shizuka
1 shiz + jou
1 miho
1 varon
32 icons of cractastic goodness

phew, what a list, now the teasers:

do the usual, credit and comments are appreciated, no hotlinking or kajiki will spear you, enjoy =D
and it's crossposted, like usual =3

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(CITRON) the battles of your youth

(no subject)

[50] Yuugiou
04 Thief King; 04 Mai; 03 Malik;
02 Yami no Bakura; 02 Yami no Malik;
02 Priestess Aishizu; 02 Anzu;
01 Mahaado; 01 Mokuba

08 Thief King/Malik; 05 Seto/Anzu;
04 Jounouchi/Anzu; 02 Kalim/Aishizu;
02 Mai/Anzu; 01 Anzu/Kisara;
01 Yami no Bakura/Isis; 01 Kalim/Aishizu/Shaadah;
01 Isis/Mai; 01 Mahaado/Mana;
01 Seto/Isis; 01 Thief King/Malik/Mai

teaser →

(so, how do i do normal?)