October 27th, 2006

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Hey, not a n00b here! 8D I was in the fandom for ages (when it first hit America, etc etc) and then I kind of fell out when the dub hit the Oracle/Orichalcos arc, because I had finished everything else and...yeah. D: Anyway, I've been slowly working my way back in, and in the process I've been hearing about a Capsule Monsters OVA where they...dress up or something? And Yami is generally whipped, not to mention violated by a tree at one point? ...It sounds special, at any rate.

What I'm wondering is, is there a way I can find it online with captions/subtitles? Because, well, I'm deaf, so the episodes at yugiohfans.co.uk don't work too well for me. :< I can hear the voices and everything, so Honda and Jou talking lovingly to each other and such makes me happy, but still.

Sorry for the lame post XD;
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How about another one?

Another YGO related sighting, that is. (That's 2 in 2 days! Do I get bonus points for this?) Anyway, I was eating breakfast (about 20 minutes ago) and my mom was watching TV. This commerical comes on for a restaurant called "Katsu-ya's of Japan" (or something close to that) I'll let you draw your own conclusions coz I've got to run off into the world of learning now. 
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I'm totally broken now...

...thanks to YouTube and littlekuriboh. XD I finally have embraced the Abridged series of Yugioh and it was a miracle I have such good self control in public places because otherwise I would've had my ass kicked out for laughing so damn loud.

You are a friggin genius and I salute you! *salutes* BTW...when's your next episode coming out? I'd probably have to say of all the ones I watched, probably the Abridged Movie, Episode 7 and Episode 4 I think were my favorites I'd have to say.

I made 3 icons based off of some of the quotes, but...I forgot my disk at home. Drat. I'll put them up later I guess.
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First Post / Iconage

Hello! ^^
This would be my first post to the community, and I wanted to make it a nice one! :3
Not only is this my first post to a community, it is also my first post for icons.

Since I am not the best at making normal icons, I made some quoticons based off of the ever-popular Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.
A series that amusing deserves icons, no?

Um, most of them are from Episodes Twelve and Thirteen, as I watched through those again today. The rest are random ones I'll never forget and/or I thought them off the top of my head.

39 Icons
(Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series)

- Comments are loved
- A bit of credit would be nice
- Please don't hotlink :3
- Requests Welcome, I suppose
(As we all know, Abridged Series was made by LittleKuriboh)

Warning: Contains some innapropriate words.


Rest behind the cut below! :3

Collapse )

Enjoy! ^^
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More picture-ness~

Well, I said I'd be drawing a tendershipping pic...I hope people don't mind me posting, it isn't exactly crack ;~; Feedback and constructive criticism are wonderfully helpful <3 [Please ignore the other picture...]

Title: Angels
Rating: PG for hints of violence [ish] and some nekkidness~!
Type: Fanart; YuGiOh!; Tendershipping
Status: Incomplete; lineart
Time taken: Quite a while, I'd say...
Notes: The title and picture were inspired by the song Angels by Within Temptation <3 My new obsession *grins* Pretty songs, kinda angsty...but sometimes life just calls for it.


[Link to my art journal; feel free to friend if you want >__> x-posted again, sorry.]
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