October 26th, 2006

puripuri kounoxyuujirou

Happy Birthday, Kaiba!!!

First time poster to the community here!

So, I'm a little late, but I just finished a little crack!art for Seto's birthday. It's SetoxJou, I hope you like it!

Happy B-day, Seto

Plus, a drabblish fic that goes with the pic.
542 words
PG-13 for mentions of sex, nudity and a couple of swearwords.
It was written at 2:00 in the morning and I'm not a native english speaker so I hope it isn't too bad

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computer war

seriously big dump

yaoi-con's come and gone, finals are over......
yup, it's been quite some time since my last dump so i really did a big one X3
I'll prolly be shot or banned for this one but it's got a whole lotta anzu (i happen to like her =p)

16 anzu
15 honda
8 pegasus
39 icons total. man, that's a big one X3


crossposted, no hotlinking plz or anzu will eat you, and i'd appreciate credit. you all know how it goes =D
comments are welcome

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Another newbie (but with a ygo sighting!)

Hi everyone! First, I'd just like to say: don't hurt me coz i'm a newbie the stuff you guys come up with is amazingly hilarious! If I ever need a quick pick-me-up, I just come here and I always get a good laugh. (Never lose the funny, people!) 

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If I've done this properly, there should be a LJ cut above. *crosses fingers*
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[Labyrinth] I brought you a gift

Nice. Very nice.


Yes, sarcasm is accepted, embraced, loved, and worshipped here at PTDC. Bad jokes are as well. Some of the best jokes are the bad jokes.

But seriously people; use some judgement when making some posts. We don't need the wank, we don't need the useless arguments, and we don't need the trolling.

I don't want to see another post like the one earlier. If you want to discuss race and such, fine. But at least use a bit of intelligence and common sense when making the post. If you think it's going to offend - even if it's just one person - keep it to your own LJ.

I really really REALLY don't want to have to go Chaos on anyone, but if I'm pushed to it, I will. And it won't be pretty.

- Vinja
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