October 23rd, 2006

Fantasia - Pegasus


It's been quite a while since I posted on here *shuffles feet* and I be back with a picture. I've been neglecting pretty much all of my OTPs for waaay too long so I decided to make my half term OTP Week and try to draw as many of them as I can...Feedback and constructive criticism make the world go round *hopeful*

Title: The Games We Play
Rating: PG for hints of bondage and a sharp pointy thing...
Type: Fanart; YuGiOh!; Angstshipping [if you squint]
Status: Incomplete; Lineart
Time taken: Quite a while *grumbles about wings*

Collapse )

If anyone is interested I also have the plans for tendershipping and puzzleshipping pictures floating around in my art journal:

deluded_bubble [/not-so-sublte pimping].

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computer war


in the new casper movie (Casper's Scare School) playing on cartoon network, casper goes into the 'valley of the shadows', which looks like the time when thief bakura had all the ghosts swirling around him in underground kuru-eruna. if you stretch the reference a little bit, atem was supposedly buried in the 'valley of the kings', where a shadow game also took place XD; yeah, i'm a tard *flees*

Sale Bin is Love

Me and my friend were at the mall today looking for Halloween stuff today and we found the Puzzle! It's the wonderful foam-like thing and it was 50% off so I had to get it. We were both deeply amused by this find and so now I know the serect of the Items...their hidden at the bottom of the sale bin! XD

I'll try to take lame photos later so you can all see it.
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