October 22nd, 2006

critters ~ <3

sneaking in a snip of fic ...

Thought I might squeak this in over here ... ;D

Title: the softest touch [the sweetest thing]
Wordcount: 549
Characters: Bakura
Notes: Sometimes all it takes is just a little nudge; and the next thing you know, damnation is hot on your heels. Takes place just prior to the end of Vol. 7 of the manga.

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cream puffs

a moment of random crack.

Yugi: "I summon my Celtic Guardian in attack mode!"
Zelda: "You call that a Celtic Guardian? This is a Celtic Guardian!"

Link jumps into the battle, brandishing his master sword. Yugi just looks him over.

Yugi: "Yeah, well, mine is obnoxious!"
Zelda: "Don't get me started." Zelda rolls her eyes.
Link: "Hey!!"
Zelda: "Well he is, I mean really. Yours just stands there and doesn't die. Mine hangs out in seedy caves, bumming 'the water of life' off little old ladies, sneaks off to the fairy pond in the middle of the night, and actually wears the same tunic days at a time because he's too busy fighting moblins and stalfos to bother to bathe."
Link: "HEY!!!"
Yugi: "Okay, okay. You win. I forefit."

Link: "... I do too bathe..."
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Cool [DS] [Protag]

Random Sighting!

Okay, so I don't know how many of you read Animorphs when you were younger (I have every single book and all the supplementary books - YES I AM OBSESSED), but in book 44: The Unexpected, Cassie goes to Australia by accident and she meets a kid.

And the kid is named Yami.

One word for this: Lollerskates. :D

(Yami has a dog, too. Joey, anyone?)