October 20th, 2006

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Random question...

Nnngh.  Anybody up for helping a poor, sad fic-writer with a question?  I've looked at so many sites that my brain's spinning, and I need to know one little thing:  Just what exactly is the age-difference between Jounouchi Katsuya (Joey Wheeler) and his sister Kawai Shizuka?  I've found sites that said two years, three years, one year, you name it.  It CAN'T be too large of a difference-- I mean, in canon Tristan and Duke were hitting on her when they were what, 16? 17?  So she can't be more than a year or two different in age (unless they have pedophilic tendancies, which I am *just* not gonna get into, all things considered).  And I need this for a fic, dammit.  **sigh**  I put the "A" in "Anal Retentive", I do.

Heeeelp?  Opinions, anybody?  Thenkyew veddy much.

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Liz - I drew a SHARK 8D


Hey 'yall. First time poster. X3

I just had an interesting thought. I mean, everyone loves the crack that comes from the YGO and all, but I was wondering this.

See, I'm sure everyone's heard of Season 0/Season 1/Whatever you call it that was developed by Toei of the first few mangas, and then it was developed into the series we all know, love and make fun of, but what if Toei had animated the entire series? Would it have ever come over to America to be dubbed? Would we have had the DOMA and the KC Grand Prix arcs? What might have happened differently? What about the characters? Perhaps it would have been picked up by a different dub company (or whatever you call them XD)?

Heh heh. I'm not sure if this has been asked or not, but if it hasn't, ponder, and discuss. :D


Would anyone know of any tutorials for making the Sennen/Millenium Items, specifically the Puzzle? Because Christmas is coming and, well, the puzzly is just the very thing for my best friend. The only problem is I don't have a fragment of a clue as to where to start.

So if anyone has ever made one for cosplay etc, or knows anyone who has, I would really appreciate some tips!

As for something random for you to contemplate, I leave you with this:

What side of the bed does Kaiba Seto sleep on?
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Oh noes, obligatory first post

Hello there everyone :3! So, I've been lurking this comunity for a week or so now, and finally decided to join (I've never actively joined a LJ comunity before. You should all feel very special. *brick'd*). At first I thought "holy crap, I will have absolutely nothing constructive to post!", but then I got bored the other day and made a bunch of icons based on the Abridged Series. So....here you go! =D;;

Collapse )

Anyhow, 'tis very nice to meet you all~ <3
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azureshipping - back to back

In ur deck, eatin' ur cardz

Why, hello.
Greetings from Japan. I've been kind of lurking around the past week or so since I got internet in my dorm room here in Japan, and it's nice to see everyone still active and amusing! I finally thought of something I could actually POST rather than just comment on.

So there have been undeniable icon trends in the past-- usually a particular image (the panty-pulling ones) or a text line modified to suit a particular fandom/character. I think the current trendy one is "In ur _____, _____ing ur ______"

What are some other multi-fandom/general "trend" icons? Examples I could think of:
* pantsu_icons
* "Broken Link" images (i.e. an (X) in the corner, with text saying "This icon is...")
* STFU, ORLY?, OMGWTFBBQ, What the shit is this? and other phrases/acronyms, especially 'Netspeak/l33t ones
* "All your base are belong to us" or parodies thereof
* Quotes/parodies of quotes (e.g.. Snakes on a Plane, Star Wars, etc. Also "messed up subtitles" or MST3K parodies, like the ones for the Yu-Gi-Oh movie that use another movie's subtitles in the HK rip)
* My fandom is...
* A letter from a character
* Powerpuff Girl-style

Post with ones you've made, your favorite ones, or links to posts with them. How would some of them where icons DON'T exist for Yu-Gi-Oh work (i.e. the "in ur_____, _____ing ur _____"?

Consider this a challenge!
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