October 19th, 2006


"Artistic" commentary~

I like fanfics and I read them a lot. However, with a large fandom, like YuGiOh, you have an unfortunate amouth of horrible bad fanfiction. And when you have fought your way through those horrible bad fanfics, even decent ones make you twitch when they have small dumb things. So one day, after attempting to find a fanfic to read, I ended up sketching a small... thing.

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Apologies for bad quality, it was my first time drawing him and it was just a quick sketch so I didn't want to bother too much fixing the "little" mistakes and... all such similar excuses. ^_^;;
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Seto's New Groove?

I was watching The Emperor's New Groove and I wondered, what would happen if Seto ruled the Aztec society?

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I know I suck with Photoshopping. And I do know I'm teh lameorz and going straight to hell. 8D;
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