October 16th, 2006


Dragon Deities and Yu-Gi-Oh!

Prepared to get schooled in nerd even more.

Remember the virtual RPG arc of Yu-Gi-Oh? I direct you first to the 5 headed dragon that represented the Big 5 in that world. In Dungeons and Dragons, the symbol of Tiamat is a 5 headed dragon. The only dragon the Big 5's dragon is missing to make it look like the symbol, is a green dragon, but I digress.

Tiamat is the Deity all evil dragons bow down to. She likes to spread evil, defeating good, and creating more evil dragons. She spends her time trying to expand her power across the world and total domination. Kinda fits the Big 5.

Another interesting thing is, the 5 Headed Dragon can only be injured with a light elemented monster.

Enter Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. A evil dragon should be battled with a good one right?
Bahamut, the dragon deity of good. Even evil dragons respect the deity for his wisdom and power. (Who does that sound like?) In his natural form, Bahamut is a long, sinuous dragon covered in silver-white scales that sparkle and gleam in the palest light. Bahamut's eyes are a deep blue. Bahamut also takes on human followers who help him thwart Tiamat and her spawn.

So, in the Yu-Gi-Oh universe, maybe the Big 5's 5 headed Dragon is Tiamat and Kaiba's Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon is Bahamut.


Edit: This information was pulled from the section 'Dragon Deities' from the D&D suppliment book 'Races of Dragons'