October 15th, 2006

Hi hi n_n

Itsa me! Jean! n_n LOL XD Sorry...I'm in a half-tired, half-silly mood. Torn between being relieved and being terrified at having to go back to work tomorrow after my beautiful week off from work, but blech...we all gotta do it sometime right? Anyhow, got a new crack commercial and a few icons for you today over at my_bsmtf. Enjoy! ~ ♥
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Hmmmmm... **disgruntled noise**

Does anybody out there with a better brain and/or more info than I have *any* clue why on earth the series of Hong Kong YGO DVDs have seen fit to skip eps 159-159? Set #6 is 136-150 and #7 is 160-171, which makes very little sense. Yes, I've purchased them; haven't watched 'em yet, but still... **scratches head** I know, they're HK Nasties; but I have to find them SOMEwhere. **sigh** Well? Heeeelp? I don't have my list of ep titles handy-- is this some super!sekret!action!arc that I don't recall, wherein Bakura discovers a long-buried desire to become a hairdresser, the pharaoh tries out karioke singing, and Anzu shacks up with Malik and Kaiba for a hot weekend?


Okay, so a while back (I think it was on this community 8D?) someone posted some icons, which I loved. They were crossover-like ones like this:

If someone could give me a link to the post I'd love them forever ♥
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