October 12th, 2006

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Since I've noticed a few cosplay questions and/or posts popping up lately, I felt compelled to make a comm for it. Y'know, in case people don't wanna wade through all of the posts in this comm to get to them. ;D


Plz to be joining? ♥;;
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Still the Best
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Need help!

Hey guys! =D I know some of you one here are cosplayers, or collect cosplayer pictures. I was wondering if anyone has any good photos of people who have done Yugi or Yami Yugi? I need to research for how to make the wig as best as I can and so far my search has come up fruitless.

Any help is very much appreciated *_* Thank you~
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Mutated Babies

Okay, now way back when GX aired it's first episode, a few people noted the similarities between GX characters and previous characters, and thus the formula

YGO + Rampant sex + tight clothing + Too many drugs = Love children = YGO GX characters.

I was remembering this today and thought.... well yes, much of "teh sex" was had to make the GX characters, but what(for the sake of fun) if Yuugi and Yami do what many puzzleshippers dream, and had a love child. This goes double for Ryou and Bakura.

It'd be like a replica of them. "My he certainly has his fathers hair! and he is going to be a midget right? *is shadow realm'd*"

Or would it just be mutated, I mean, sharing the same body and in some circles, the same soul or whatever.... would it be some sort of strange new mutation from all the recessive genes in the Yuugi line.... he could in fact be a giant with dead straight one colour hair!

Think you what of this?

EDIT: This is of course ignoring all logic, sense and Man+Man=/=child, so go nuts.
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