October 9th, 2006


Italian Version

Does anyone know where I can get the Italian songs from Yu-Gi-Oh!? I heard the first(?) opening song in Italian and it sounds awesome =D It was in a music video I think... but I'd really rather just have the .mp3 file for it or something =)

I also heard that the Italian version of the YGO! GX anime was good too =D

So any Italian songs from YGO! and YGO! GX, please? =)
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New Icons

Hi all! Small update at my_bsmtf. I revised one of my old icons I made a while back so hopefully it's easier to read and it's got a extra scene in it this time around *snickers* Comments are appreciated and criticisms too...just no flaming please. I'm still on the learning curve here ^^;;; Thank you much!
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