October 6th, 2006

3 Things...

#1 : New icons over at my_bsmtf

#2 : I know no one probably gives a rats ass about this considering how much half if not almost all of you hate the dub here, but I was looking through the volumes of the dubs of Yugioh and I just noticed they like totally skipped all over the VR arc. WTF?! *sighs* Bastards...now I wish I wouldn't have thrown out those tapes I had that arc on, but I didn't want to lug that huge ass tub of tapes with me ;-; Oh well...at least I have the sub of it ^^ but there's just funniness in the dub you just can't get in the sub, you know?

#3 : Here's something silly I talked about on my journal today with kuja_rang last night at random in regards to CapMon and one of Yami's armors :

I was on the phone last night with kuja_rang - hon, I hope your arms are better this morning - and we were discussing about some RP stuffs in ygo_citylights for our characters, on top of a discrepency regarding one of Yami's 5 armors he wears in CapMon - the Black Luster armor. (or the Lust Armor I nicknamed it LOL XD *shot for insanity*) We were talking about how much that armor seems to absorb him and you can't barely see him at all in it. The thing I told her that irritated the hell outta me the most about that damn armor was the shoulder pads. It's TRIPLE-PADDED! WHO THE FUCK - besides athlethes who don't count damnit - WEARS TRIPLE-PADDED SHOULDER ARMOR?!?! Not even the Ronin Warriors had that much damn armor on them!!!

And I saw the pics of the figures of Yami in the BEWD, BM and the REBD armors. Kawaii! *_*
computer war

cardlist help?

alright, for my final computer science project, i'm making a simple duel simulation. the sim is a turn-based system which pits two monsters against each other and is somewhat similar to the first set of rules in the manga. well in order for this sim to work, the duelists all need the same number of cards. the lucky number is 32, it seems. and bakura and malik need some help o_o

so here are the decks i have so far, and i need to make them reach 32 cards. i can't find enough of their actual decks to fill up to that number, so if anyone knows of their actual cards, comment! else ryou and malik can't be in the duel sim T_T you can suggest cards that might be in their deck too.

The cardnames look kinda funny due to the way the program reads the file. also some names are abridged, others are the japanese names.

rules for suggesting cards: neither atk nor def can be above 2800. and i need both atk and def points of the card. thx for your help =D

EDIT: i finally found my deck (moving tends to lose things >_<) and so Bakura's deck is complete and ready for the simulation

so without much ado, here're the current lists:
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