October 5th, 2006

Hi hi! New Icons Available

Small icon deposit at my journal : my_bsmtf I'm working on improving my style, so would someone do me a favor and tell me what they think of these?

For Halloween, I'm kinda planning on having an icon dump that's just of surprised/shocked/horrified etc expressions of the characters ^_^
computer war

icon dump! yay~!

with a brand-new power cord i'm back up and on teh intarweb! w00t!
and so i give you jou icons! these are probably some of my funniest icons yet XD
and there're a helluva lot of them here =D

Collapse )

as for the computer science final project, it's definitely coming along. the only problem is, finding enough cards in each char's deck to make all the decks even >_<. once i get files transferred over, i'll probably be asking for some help with filling some decks =D