October 3rd, 2006

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Minor request

Usually I complile the weekly entries here for weekly_ygo and send them off to weekly.ygo@gmail.com. Unfortunately, this week I'm not in the right mind to even think about sending anything. Would someone here be willing to take over my job for this week? One week only, then I'll be back (Last week I was late with returning from AWA and going back to work; this week with losing one of my babies--my kitty, and if anyone says that's a stupid thing to be upset over I will sick Bakura and Marik on you--I'm barely functional.)

Thanks to anyone who can; what needs to be shot off is anything from 9/27 through today.
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computer war

delay =c

i know i said i'd have an icon dump, but due to computer issues, namely the battery is empty and the plug won't work on my laptop, they're delayed. i might be able to pull the files off later. might. =c

in other news, my final project has been approved. i'll be simulating a basic duel between two duelists using only normal monster cards. now to get that blasted deck to shuffle properly o_o....

EDIT: whee! looks like it was a faulty power plug. looks like i'll be back up in a few days, but once i pull icons off my laptop, i can do another dump. but first! homework *skitters off*