October 2nd, 2006

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04 icons from episode 11(because no one had iconed these quotes, and I really liked them) of the Abridged Series, by littlekuriboh...in America! *shot*

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And because I feel guilty about spamming with only 4 icons, a link to my most recent batch;
[20] Yu-Gi-Oh! Icons
--[04] Yami-no-Yuugi
--[01] Anzu
--[06] Seto
--[01] Seto&Yami
--[01] Isis
--[02] Jounouchi
--[02] Noa
--[01] Dark Bakura
--[01] Mai&Shizuka
--[01] Seto&Mokuba


And those are right here.
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Offloading some Doujinshi

Mods, please feel free to close this if you want. I checked the rules as linked off the userinfo and it seemed fine enough.

I live in the UK and am seeking to offload some of my Duel Monsters doujinshi. Some are yaoi, one is gag and some are 'heavier' than others. A list and scans of the covers if wanted, behind the cut.

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computer war

minor dump

only a minor one =D
it's really a shame that i couldn't find any good crack-icon-worthy images of these two, because they're so much fun >D. so here's the minor dump!

3 Isis
8 Otogi

credit to satrugha plz. and no direct linking. =D
cross-posted to playthedamncard & yugi_icons

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i'll dump more when i'm NOT doing final projects. yck.
i may, however take a break to dump some jou icons later tonite or tomorrow >D
speaking of finals, my programming project WILL be involving yugioh, a very basic monster dueling system, similar to the first series rules. unfortunately it's not a game, just a demonstration of skillz. i'll prolly post the output or some crack like that when i actually get it to work.

as for the last programming post, no word yet back from the prof. KaibaCorp weaseled its way into my stock program today >D.
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