October 1st, 2006


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Did you guys see this?

Ah...if some of you do decide to leave in protest, could we set up a forum somewhere or something? I adore this community (I've made several best friends through here) and the crack you serve is awesome, so it might be nice if we set up another way to get at it.

But to make this YGO related too:

For anyone who hasn't seen the Abridged Series, watch the crack NOW. Dial-ups, it is worth the wait. So, question: what is your favorite episode? (Mine's ep six, by the way. I'm too rich to die!)
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YGO Sighting!

So, I was perusing Youtube for anime to screencap, and recently started watching Ouran High School Host Club. In one of the subtitled versions, I spotted something made me giggle madly. >D

If you're having trouble reading it, it says "If it's not delicious, you default to a penalty game."

Is Hikaru (the red-haired guy) a fan of Yuugiou, or have the subbers just been watching too many Saturday Morning cartoons? XD

[EDIT:] I went back and listened to it again, and Hikaru definitely says "Batsu geemu". >D
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I apologise for seeming to only come around asking for things. ;; I do love this place really.

Has anyone been making transcripts of the Abridged Series? If so, might I (or the general public even) have access to them? 8D

I offer this icon post as a reward? XD Twelve Yuugiou icons and a banner, and some Tales of Symphonia and random stuffage if you like.
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a little YGO-Sims crack

(cross posted to Yugioh Simtastic)

I thought everyone here would appreciate my little Sims experiments - What happens when you put the six high priests in one modern house? A lot of crack! That's what!

My first experiment involved indoor plumbing.
How would the priests react to the concept of a modern bathroom?

My second experiment involved Drugs.
I put the famous SimsDrugs hacked item into the house, and decided to see who would fall victim to its addictive properties.
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