September 29th, 2006

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Weird Fic Swap Revisited (to fix an error)

Bleagh.  It was pointed out to my by my friend Icka M. Chif that I had posted the wrong link to her Kaiba/Jounouchi fic 'Guard Dog'; she just put up a separate page for it on her website (including the artwork), so here it is:

Go, read; you won't be sorry.  SEVERELY cracked, angsty, funny as hell and thoughtful all at the same time.  Aaaaand there are some lovely pics; Jou shirtless in a tux jacket with ratty jeans just makes my day, he really does.  ^__^

(In the meantime... if a group of Bakurae are a Kuragasm and a group of Yugi's is a Yu-Gi-Orgy, does that make a group of Kaibas a Seme of Kaibas?  Just wondering, you know.)
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Jade sewing up tokunaga.

(no subject)

So, I'll be cosplaying "Dinosaur" Ryuuzaki at MTAC this year. Slight problem; as odd as this might sound, what do you guys think would be the best brands to go for when it comes to his Duelist Kingdom attire, including shoes? xD I need to pick out some hair dye to test out so my hair isn't screwed TOO long and I can test out other brands if need be, too, so if anyone had any ideas, that'd be cool (my hair is naturally brown; all I need to dye are my bangs =] ). Long-lasting dye is fine, as my school is very, very lax.

On a slightly off-topic note, anyone else going to MTAC? x3
ToS ☆ SLAP!, ToS ☆ Sisterly love.

"New" icons.

(Quotations on the "new" because most of them are from a couple months ago, but were just never posted up.)
Yuugiou (27)
   [-] Mutou Yuugi (2)
   [-] Yami no Yuugi/Pharaoh Atemu (12)
   [-] Mazaki Anzu (6)
   [-] Honda Hiroto and Mazaki Anzu (1)
   [-] Kaiba Mokuba (1)
   [-] Yami no Bakura/Touzoku'ou Bakura (3)
   [-] Kawai Shizuka (1)
   [-] Priest Akunadin (1)

Make a mark. Devil inside. Shatter.

( Can't you see the devil inside of me? )

[+] Please credit artistjosie if you use any of these icons.
[+] No hotlinking, please.
[+] Commenting is not required, but greatly appreciated.
[+] Cross-posted to yugi_icons
war paint

dan green podcast

Hi! I'm sure you all remember the famous dan green pod cast that was posted here a while ago. Unfortunately the computer that i had then was CRAP and wouldnt let me hear it. So does anyone maybe have a link to that? In exchange I can offer soul, to bring you one step closer to forging the millenium items? Thanks guys!
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