September 28th, 2006

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HOW many times?! And gods

One time my friend moonymonster and I decided to tally up how many times Bakura dies and Mokuba gets kidnapped and came up with very surprising totals. My memory's a little rusty, so tell me if I leave anything out, okay? And some of these are debatable...

Mokuba kidnapping tally:
-kidnapped by Pegasus during attempt to take over Kaiba Corp.
-recaptured by Kemo
(won by Yugi)
-taken away by Kemo
-soul stolen from body by Pegasus (A kidnapping inside a kidnapping!)
-body snatched by Tristan (A kidnapping from the kidnapper!)
(Yugi & Yami win)
-snatched by ninja while crossdressing
(rescues self by playing swordstalker)
-kidnapped by Rishid
(escapes with Anzu's help)
-ship hijacked and taken against will into virtual world (it happens to everyone, but still...)
-kidnapped by Noah (yet another kidnapping inside a kidnapping!)
- ? -brainwashed (I'd say this is equivalent to soul-stealing, but... not going to count it.)
(rescues self from brainwashing and runs to Kaiba)
- turned to stone (Happens to Kaiba too, but...)
(Yami wins, everyone is free to go.)
-locked insided digital world by Gozaburo
-body stolen by Noah
-plane he is on is hijacked by Amelda
-locked inside Kaiba Dome by Seigfried
Edit: Bakura, to duel Seto
Total: 15 (and one debatable)

Bakura death (Or thought to be dead) tally (all versions of Bakura, not counting Zorc!):
-TK Bakura dies in ancient times
-Zorc is killed in Dark RPG, supposedly destroying Yami no Bakura
-Bakura's body dies
-Bakura-ensoulled character dies bringing Bakura back to life (he loses all his stats and will be reborn as a level 1)
-(anime) Yami Bakura sent to graveyard
-Tristan throws ring away
-Yami Bakura takes hit from Osiris
-Yami Bakura takes hit from Ra and body disappears
-regular Bakura dies with his body
(Yami beats Marik)
-TK Bakura killed by Ra
(ressurrected by redo ability)
-TK Bakura killed in battle and turns to sand
(You hear from the real Yami no Bakura then, who has no clue what is going on... ressurrected by Zorc and possessed again.)
-Bakura piece that duelled Yugi destroyed
-Yami no Bakura finally destroyed/moves on (probably)
- ? - Ryou Bakura will die eventually (not shown, so not sure if it should count)
Total: 13 (with one debatable), and my info on the Egypt Arc is anime. Anything additional in the manga?

Cool, no? Also, talking with a friend who's into Egyptian Mythology, we decided the high priests probably served:
Seth - Set
Akunadin - Horus (Eye was his symbol.)
Isis - Isis (Name, and the necklace gives knowledge.)
Kalim - Maat (Her symbol was the scales: you know the feather of truth they weighed your soul against? Her feather.)
Edit: Mahaado - Thoth (god of magicians)
Shada - Anubis (Associated with Maat, ka is a jackal.)
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computer war

icon dump!

yes, i got bored again. this time it's yugi!
more bad humor and a few calm ones >D
there will be more as the dump for most other chars will take a while X3

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take what you like, no hotlinking, and i’d appreciate teh credit >D
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