September 27th, 2006

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Jesus on a pogo-stick, I did NOT expect this many recs!  **gleefully rubs hands together**  There were so many responses that I figured I'd best respond in one swell foop rather than individually.  This was GREAT!  I have ficcage to read!  Thanks, y'all!

Okay, then, here’s mine in return (more to be posted later):


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Aaaaaand that’s all for now.  Will post my hentai-ish list later, when I’m not at work.  ^__^

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NOt so long ago I went to an indian show called 'Bharati' It's full of dancing, singing and really pretty costumes.

What's this got to do with yugioh, you ask? Well, after ripping the songs from the cd my friend bought I realized that one of the songs was called 'Anu Malik' (which I immediately turned into 'Anzu malik' in case you were wondering'
I had to laugh about it. See? Anzu and Malik are now officially Indian musical stars!

I uploaded the song for you guys here, I find it to be very pretty:
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