September 26th, 2006

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Jou Crack Post

Is anyone besides me kinda disappointed that Takahashi decided to can Jou's scar? I mean come on, who doesn't love scars on anime characters? It seemed like it was there long enough for us to think its staying and then POOF its gone. Jou's scar is gone.

Also, I think I am in love with Jou's shoes which are essentially Japanese Air Force One's. *geeks out*
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Multiple personalities...

**amused**  Y'know, I was just reminded by something of a conversation I had in chat with a handful of friends a few weeks ago; it was... Well, you know how you have group-classifications of things, like a murder of ravens, a herd of horses, a flock of gulls, a school of fish?

What would you use for a group of Kaibas?  Or Jounouchis?  Or Moutos?  Or Pharaohs, for that matter?  And the Bakurae, what about them?

I suggested a Complex of Kaibas, but I want to see what y'all would come up with.  Well?  **snicker**  This IS the place where we mock the series, right?
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ToS ☆ SLAP!, ToS ☆ Sisterly love.

RP Advertisement (sorry!)

Endless Road
Life is a road that has infinite twists, forks, and turns. Every person travels this road, either alone or beside others. Roads will intertwine, join for a time, and eventually break off. What happens to each life as those roads separate, and is it possible for them to join again?

In the quest for his memories, the pharaoh's spirit defeated the dark god Zork and put an end to the spirit of the tomb robber, Bakura, before eventually moving onto his own afterlife. But the young pharaoh, as well as the tomb robber, had also lived within the modern world and had also joined the paths of others. How does a person's spirit rest, knowing that there are others to be with - knowing that there is another place where he could very well belong?

The road of life does not always end with death. And so Atemu and Bakura each begin a journey, from different points of origin, towards a similar goal.

Meanwhile, in Domino City, lives have gone on after the departure of the two ancient spirits. While some may dwell on thoughts of the past, their life journeys still continue on. Where do their roads lead them? Will they find happiness and contentment, or will they fall into despair and hopeless abandon?

Characters Available

Available characters are listed on both the application post and the community profle; notable character openings are Honda, Malik, Shizuka, and a future opening in the role of Kaiba Seto (further explained on the application post).

[Please feel free to poke me and yell at me to put it behind an LJ cut if necessary.]
computer war

spam spam spam!

yes, spammity spam spam. the good kind. yes, RP SPAM!
at nihon_made our kaiba has just announced a tourney. on a cruise ship. to somewhere. we've got a honda, a jou, an otogi, and a bakura to join in the duel (as well as some gamers from other series) who will be competing, but that makes only a few chars! we need a yugi to cheat at the tourney like he always does!
EDIT: we have a yugi, but i WANT A MALIK TO MOLEST! >D

we're looking for yugioh peeps to play with us for the duel tourney and afterwords! we have other series too.

the free-form rp takes place after the series is over, but have no fear! my baku will be going a bit psycho during the tourney >D
so come play!

and on a programming note, my final project for my programming class, i'll most likely be doing a basic duel calculator >D
No, i'm not crazy, just very misunderstood >D
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**poke poke poke**

Okay; it's late at night, I've read all my YGO fics, written 'til inspiration went :P at me, and actually got tired of my Bakura pornfics.  I throw myself upon the dubious mercy of this site.

Let's Do A Weird Fic-Rec Trade!!!!!

Post a link to a good YGO fic; I shall post 'em in return.  Or post the actual fic itself, if it's yours; why not?  If it's bad or you just never posted it, why not flaunt it?  Dooooooooo iiiiiit!  You know you want to!  For the love of gods, give this poor screaming fangirl something to read!  And I shall do the same in return.  Please?  Pretty please?  This is your chance!  Send a link to the best, the worst, the quirkiest, the most insane, the wildest, the finest!  Go for it!  Dig out those horrible, weird, wonderful fics and send the links!  **rubs hands together**  And man, do I have  a few to recommend myself.....
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Godwin Ikari

Essay Post : D~

Bakura Ryoh is a Hemophiliac.

I'm sure that most of us here have seen the manga version of Battle City, and I'm sure every one of you has raised an eyebrow at the amount of blood the Host Bakura is losing. Hemophilia (heem-a-FILL-ee-ah) is a rare inherited bleeding disorder in which the blood does not clot normally. Males with hemophilia may bleed for a longer time than others after an injury or accident. They also may bleed internally, especially in the joints (knees, ankles, and elbows). The disorder is caused by a X-chromosonal deficiency of Factor VII and Factor IX, which are clotting agents that exist in the bloodstream (United States Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS), 2006).

We're aware that our deified manga-ka is not adverse to bloodying up his Bakurae. Deciding to approch the matter with a degree of scientific investigation, I've constructed a timeline of sorts for the latter half of the first day of initial duels at Battle City. I've done this using the plates that appear at the start of some chapters to get a better sense of the passage of time. My goal in doing this is to prove that the Host Bakura is a possible hemophiliac.

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