September 24th, 2006


What is Red Eyes?

Interesting topic I'm gonna feed you all!

What sex is Jounouchi's Red Eyes Black Dragon?

In a good chunk of my RPs, whenever we bring in the dragons, the REBD is often refered to as a 'She' and with one RP buddy, we gave her a name of Ember for every RP we have. (Seto's BEWD is Levi, and we figure out the other names should we bring in all three.)

So what do you think? Is REBD male or female?

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Another dream.
This one was rather long and complex, so I'll just get to the point.
I was sitting on these stairs in my school eating Alphabits cereal when I realized that "deathmall" was being spelled out in my bowl. I looked up to find Yami No Bakura sitting next to me, giving me one of those pshychotic looks he's famous for. I look back down into my ceral and begin to laugh.
"What is it?" he snapps.
"Oh, nothing. I just love it when my cereal speaks to me."
"Oh." And then he went back to eating his own cereal.

21 YGO iconses!

-[03]Yami no Yuugi
-[03]Yami no Bakura
-[01]Yami no Yuugi & Dartz
-[01]Seto and Mokuba
[14]Fullmetal Alchemist
[05]Marie Antoinette (The Movie)

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One of my friends and I thought it would be amusing to see what kind of pairings we could come up with involving English voice actors and other characters they voice. Whether it's from Yugioh or not.

And the winners are:

The random orgy:
Bobasa / Goku from Dragonball Z
Bobasa / Shadow the Hedgehog

The inner!voice actor orgy:
Ryou Bakura / Yami Bakura / Bandit Keith / Amelda.
Priest Akhenaden / Siegfried
Jonouchi / Shadi
Priest Shadaa / Rishid
Noa Kaiba / Leon / Ryota Kajiki

The Yugioh / Pokemon Orgy:
Isis / Officer Jenny
Mana / Nurse Joy
Seto Kaiba / James
Kisara / Ash Ketchum
Haga / Meowth
Zorc / Narrator!

And my favorite, The Yugioh / Ninja Turtles Orgy:
Priest Mahaado / Leonardo.
Jonouchi / Michaelangelo.
Honda (first few episodes) /Donatello.
Honda (later episodes) / Raphael.
Kisara / April O'Neil
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