September 19th, 2006

Ahoy, mateys!

Alas, what day be it? Why, 'tis:

What be that, ye say? Why, thar monster be the Pirate Kuribo, from the Doma Arrrrrc!

Now, I'm sure ye all be quering why yer captainmod be postin' such jabberwocky! Yarr, I have a challenge for all ye yeller-bellies! Are ye man--nay, pirate enough? How many of yer be able to refer to our favorrrite fandom with pirate nonsense? What's this I hear of yon Otogi looking like a scalliwag? Who can scurry up the best manip of Yuugi with an eye-patch? Let's see what ye landlubbers have got in yer!

Well, what are ye waiting around for! All hands on deck!

I'm not the nerdiest person here, I swear. With the "Update Captain's Log" option, I couldn't help it. XD
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Safe Home

Avast, ye... duelists?

Obviously not what our dear mod intended, but in my brain, Pirates = One Piece, so, what the hell, I'll share... My Old-ish crack!fic crossover. Because, frankly? I don't see it being relevant any other way... *laughs*

(No, really; there isn't even water involved... then again- with One Piece? Half the time, there isn't. I'll see if I can't manage something that's actually pertinent, later.)

Yarr! Pirate Names!

Ahoy, mateys! I present to ye the names or our favorite buckeneers, as accordin' to the Pirate Name Generator!

Yuugi Mouto: "Snafu" Bailey Slasher
Yami no Yuugi: Navigatin' Rupert Napier
Seto Kaiba: Jelly wrist Fritz
Katsuya Jounouchi: Butterfingers Macon
Yami no Bakura: Dancin' Broderick Cutty
Ryou Bakura: Pirate Roger the Infected
Pegasus Crawford: Ham-Hands Izzy
Malik Ishtar: Scowlin' Wade Teach

What be the names of yer crew?
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