September 18th, 2006

Seto: Sexy (sakebi)

Millennium Rod Tutorial!

Sorry for yet another post on this topic, but few posts back, a request was made for Millennium-Item-making tutorials (that don't require sacrificing innocent human souls D:). So I wrote up a quick how-to for the Rod that I made for my Malik cosplay.

That being said, cosplaying is awesome, and you all should try it too, because we need more Yuugiou representation at conventions! :D
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Random GX sitings

Being a castmember at Walt Disney World, I see a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of people. Well, here's two random GX sitings I've had so far.

First, there was a little boy that had a GX ballcap on and I squeed with joy and wanted to beg him to tell me where he had gotten it ;.;

Second, I helped this guy today and I had a total fangasm moment when I heard him talk. In fact, when he first came over, I stopped and stared at him for a moment before this huge grin plastered onto my face.

Him: .. Uh.. Is something wrong?
Me: Okay, this is going to come way out of the blue, and I bet noone has ever said it, but you sound just like one of my favorite anime characters.
Him: .. Really? Which one?
Me: Well, it's the dub version, but his name is Zane Truesdale on Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.
Him: Hrm, nope, don't know him. But thank you very much. And yes, no one has ever said that to me before.

So, I was a happy child for the rest of the day because, I swear, he sounded just like Zane! *SQUEEEE* =DD
Keyboard death

Yup, it's a post

Recently, I was having a 'drunken game night' with my roommates and we were playing a drinking game version of "Catchphrase". I've never noticed how many YGO terms are in that game XD

But it doesn't help when I'm the only YGO fan and everyone else has barely even heard of the damn show XD

So, it was safe to say that I didn't do well when it was my turn to give clues XD Especially not when I'm drunk.

But let's look at the words we had: Dragon, Duel, Egypt, Obelisk, and those are the ones that I can remember.
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