September 17th, 2006

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More video spam from Usagi :X;

Kay, I dunno how many of you may have gone to AnimeFest in Dallas at the beginning of the month, but. :3 The number of Yuugiou cosplayers there were... minimal, to say the least XD However! My friends and I entered the cosplay contest with a Yuugiou skit, and I just found a video somebody had taken of it on YouTube.

Here it is, if anyone's interested in watching~ Starring lil_bishie as Bakura, darknight_tiger as Mokuba, and myself as Malik. 8D

Unfortunately, we didn't win anything D: But we did get a lot of compliments on the skit, and that was enough of a prize~! ♥ But enjoy, and if you need some clarification on what's been said ('cause the video isn't the best quality, and the sound kinda sucks), then I'll be happy to provide that. :X;
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Oh I am a loser!

Very vague Yu-Gi-Oh! sighting.
I was at work, and being a bored little worker I was that day, I opened one of our drawers in the front, which is no big deal mind you...
But it was that day that I nearly spazzed...because I saw TK. Yes just those letters, but I was like Theif King has a PLU?!
I remind you I said I was retarded...

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