September 14th, 2006

The Puzzle Masters!

WTF!!Yami-tachi pic

Heh . . . several weeks ago now, iron posted some awesome crack screencaps (as well as a killer jack-o-lantern). I had the honor of being emailed a few more wonderful crack!Yami pix but one of those, they weren't sure what episode it was from. This is for them and whomever else might care to know, if only because it's such a /great/ WTF!?!?? reaction shot. I was doing something else just a little while ago and stumbled across the source scene purely by accident. This shot is from within the first 5 min's or so of ep 127 "The Darkness Returns, Part 3" (original Japanese "The Tables Turn: Gilford the Lightning"). Just thought I'd share that in case anyone else was wondering. Below is the pic in question.


I apologize that I didn't put this behind a cut but my computer, my LJ account, or /something/ doesn't seem to like graphics of any kind, so it's a small victory when I can get one to show up at all. I /think/ I've figured out the cause of the problem but still . . . I didn't want to arse things up with additional coding. *sheepish* Gomen nassai! Anyway, if I chose the right code sequence to copy from my PhotoBucket account - and it actually works - this /should/ be a thumbnail you can click for a larger pic.

Jaa, ato de!

EDIT: Yatta!! Looks like it /did/ work! *will take every small victory she can*