September 11th, 2006

34 Yuugiou Icons (60 Total)

[34] Yuugiou
-[02] Anzu
-[01] Bandit Keith
-[03] Dartz
-[01] Isis
-[02] Jounouchi
-[02] Kisara
-[01] Malik
-[01] Miho/Dartz
-[02] Raphael
-[01] Rebecca Hopkins
-[01] Shaadi
-[03] Siegfried von Schroider
-[01] Sugoroku
-[01] Timaeus
-[06] Yami no Yuugi
-[06] Yuugi
[09] King of Bandits Jing
[05] Full Metal Alchemist
[04] Pirates of the Caribbean
[07] The West Wing
[60] Total

( "You'll be my vacation away from this place..." )

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Hey guys~ If you remember me posting a few weeks ago about needing some clips for an AMV, I just wanted to let you all know that I've actually finished it, in case anyone's curious. ♥

It's The Fear - Malik-centric AMV, set to "It's The Fear" by Within Temptation. Though there's a good deal of YnMalik footage in it, it's not intended to be shippy, but rather it focuses on Malik and the struggle with his "inner demons". >D *kicked*

Enjoy! ♥ Comment and rate if you so desire~? *shot*
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I run the Sakura Convention Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament, have been for the past 2 years, going on year 3. It's listed on my forum signature, not to mention my sig and avitar on the convention forum has Kaiba.

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Play this card...bitch!

These are all the icons I've made - per request, and some for myself. All are free for taking and I don't give two ratshits about credit. The images for these come from except for the dice roll one. That one I got from my lovely chew toy niisan_ryou who found it at random.

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And I thank you kuja_rang for introducing me to I got those fonts downloaded onto my floppy disks *still snickering over that '48 ways' font* and I'll load those onto my computer tonight when I make more icons per request. ^_^

The little things you notice when you didn't notice them before...

My dear big sister sailoruresui reminded me of something I wanted to talk about a while back, but kept forgetting...and when I looked at her icons, I remembered. Thank you you dear woman! ^_^

Anyhow, it's regarding CapMon, so if you're not a fan of teh crack of it all, do not read. But anyhow, it's in regards to when Yami was merging with Dark Magician and he says the line "JOIN WITH ME TO BECOME ONE!!!"

Perchance, did anyone take notice of how damn big his mouth was? *snickers* I swear, the artists of this show have no sense for being anatomically correct with these character's body parts. If it's not their eyes, it's their hands, their noses, their skirts, something!

Just thought I'd make a very mute point on that. Thank you. That is all. *curtsies*
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