September 9th, 2006


Uhm... to all the Germans hiding/lurking here?


The Connichi convention in Kassel is next weekend. And I was kinda wondering if anyone here will go, too. Sadly enough, I can't cosplay myself (got my Greek exam right before on friday XD) but it would be awesome to see some Yuugis and Kaibas and Mariks and whatelse. ^^

And that is all. Ta~
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Cool [DS] [Protag]

*peeks in* Mew? (Fanfic)

If this shouldn't be here, someone tell me and I'll delete it... especially if they tell me a good fanfic reviewing/Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic community.

Title: Schrödinger's Cat
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
Characters: Seto (and a Mokuba!Cameo)
Rating: PG?
Warnings: Um... *tries not to spoil it* Um... may be slightly disturbing to younger readers?

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Shameless Seto Pimpage.....

All fanfics! Enjoy!

Sincerity - Mokuba has a fever and Seto has a complex.

Only You - Pure Smut! 18 and over please! (Flamers will be heartily laughed at!)

Crimson Short and bloody, but sort of sweet. I may have already posted this *scratches head*

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Yuugi Parker


Today something funny happened. I was explaining to a mate of mine (who is male) what doujinshi is, and to be cruel I sent him Cross Soul III :P (Which didn't work out because he later said "Why would that traumatise me? I've had man smex" learn something new every day I suppose) After a few minutes:

Him: Hey, isn't the older one, the younger ones alter ego?
Me: Sorta, yeah, he's refered to like that.
Him: so it's like peter parker doing spiderman.

That's gotta be the best summary of Cross Soul eva. It's like peter parker doing spiderman. Not only is that mind boggling (and I will now go fanfic searching) but strangely accurate, but completely inacurate. And so now I have it embedded in me head.

Yuugi and Yami - Peter Parker doing Spiderman.

<3 from exploded brain.

EDIT: uuuh, oops. I seem to have upset the puzzleshippers, which is strange considering that I'm a rabid puzzleshipper ^^;. I have put me foot in it me thinks. But when I said "Sorta, yeah, he's refered to like that" I was generally talking about how through the series he does get refered to as his alter ego, even though he's not, he does get that reference, and it does pop up in descriptions.

I probably should've put "Strangely accurate, but completely inacurate." instead of just "but not" but it was late. I intended this post only for the humour value of the comparison, I'm having no digs really. Apologies.
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