September 6th, 2006

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Dawn of the Duel

I posted this before but that was AGES ago and I need an update on the topic.

Has there been any updates on when "Dawn of the Duel" is coming to DVD? I REALLY wish they would post news on these things.

Oh and if it is coming out on *date X*, where can I buy it online? (I live a billion miles from anywhere.)

Thank you kindly.
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Doujinshi scan: "I Like Gold Moon And You"

G'morning...  Just thought I'd put scans of a Yuugi/Yami doujinshi that I picked up via eBay.  Please pardon the uncropped nature of the scans; I did 'em very, very late last night, and my scanner was being a Very Bad Scanner Indeed.  **sigh**

This one's non-hentai, with (so far as I can tell) a rather cute storyline.  The circle's Sennin Silver, and I have to admit that I love their art, even if they DO tend to draw Yuugi/Yami's hair looking as if it's devouring his/their head on occasion.  The expressions, though...  Anyway.  If anyone feels like translating, please feel free-- and send me a copy!  My Japanese is just barely good enough to tell what's going on in a general sort of way.

Here's the link via

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