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Astrology, Blood Types, and Yu-Gi-Oh! - Seto Kaiba

^_^ I'm glad people liked my last post about this subject, in regards to Yuugi. This time I won't do as much "introducing" to every topic, but I will use the same resources. Be sure to check out the pages I link to so you can learn more about this interesting subject!

I'd asked people who they'd most like to see next for this, but everyone gave different answers! So I added my own personal vote into those that had been cast by you guys, and we got Seto Kaiba for the next subject.

Before I move on to Kaiba though, I wanted to try and figure out just who is the oldest and the youngest out of the school-going Yu-Gi-Oh cast. In this document (PDF/Adobe Acrobat), it is stated that the cut-off for entry into Japanese primary/elementary school is April 1st. Thus, someone that turns 6 years of age prior to April 1st of a given year is allowed entry into Japanese primary school, while anyone born AFTER that point is made to wait until the next year. If we stick with the theory of the cast being born in 1980/1981 (speculative; in Vol. 1 of the manga, they're shown to be in class 1-B, aka 10th grade; by Battle City, they are all age 16 and in class 2-B, aka the 11th grade), then the age roster is as follows:

Italicized names are those whose ages and/or birth dates can be approximated, but are not the same age as Yuugi and Co. The italicized names are those of characters whose birthdays (month and day) AND ages were explicitly stated, rather than their birthday and grade (as it was for the main cast). Chinese zodiac signs are in parentheses.

Keith Howard - August 12th, 1969 (Earth Rooster)
Pegasus J. Crawford - October 8th, 1971 (Metal Pig)
Mai Kujaku - November 20th, 1972 (Water Rat)
Isis Ishtar - April 5th, 1977 (Fire Snake)
Ryouta Kajiki - March 1st, 1978 (Earth Horse)
Espa Roba - April 1st, 1979 (Earth Sheep)
Hiroto Honda - April 19th, 1980 (Metal Monkey)
Yuugi Mutou - June 4th, 1980 (Metal Monkey)
Anzu Mazaki - August 18th, 1980 (Metal Monkey)
Ryou Bakura - September 2nd, 1980 (Metal Monkey)
Seto Kaiba - October 25th, 1980 (Metal Monkey)
Malik Ishtar - December 23rd, 1980 (Metal Monkey)
Katsuya Jounouchi - January 25th, 1981 (Metal Monkey)
Ryuuji Otogi - February 28th, 1981 (Metal Rooster)
Dinosaur Ryuuzaki - December 29th, 1981 (Metal Rooster)
Insector Haga - July 21st, 1982 (Water Dog)

A bit of a trick: if everyone of the main cast (non-italicized) was the same age (15) during Duelist Kingdom, then that means the tournament fell sometime between February 26th and April 17th, 1996. (Japanese law says that you age one year on the day BEFORE your birthday, hence the subtraction of 2 days from Otogi and Honda's birthdays. I include Otogi's age and birthday even though he wasn't involved in Duelist Kingdom, because he's the same age as them, and was, for a short while, in the same class as Yuugi and Co.)

The thing that screws everything up is the fact that the character guide uses the ages of all the characters as of Battle City (except Pegasus and Keith Howard, because they "died" during/after Duelist Kingdom, so their ages are their ages during their first appearance in DK), which was the arc running during the guide's printing (in 2002). Like Duelist Kingdom, the tournament itself was shorter than the run of the manga, so publication dates can no longer be used to approximate ages and/or birthdays.

This is also why technology like cell phones was seen in Battle City (by the early 2000s, it would make some sense to have such technology), but why it doesn't fit if you assume the birth dates of the characters are as they appear above. Like many manga-ka, Takahashi probably thought of Yu-Gi-Oh taking place in real-time, even if that wasn't the least bit possible (seriously, since when do duels take several MONTHS?). It is also unknown what the gap is BETWEEN the major arcs (Duelist Kingdom to Battle City, Battle City to the Dark TRPG); this also affects people's possible ages, because it could have been a few months up to nearly a year.

But again, if all the major characters were in the same grade by Battle City, then the tournament had to have taken place on or after April 1st, 1997. (This assumes that Japanese high schools cut-off entrance the same way their primary schools do, and on the same day). It is not known whether the characters are all the same age during Battle City, but that dating helps us figure out the approximate birth dates of the other characters... sort of.

Mokuba Kaiba, while of school-going age, is very difficult to pinpoint, because unlike the others, his age nor grade are never stated in the manga. The only clue we have is the difference between his age and Seto's, and I've seen both 5 years and 6 years. However, he *IS* in primary school (grades 1-6), so that DOES mean he is between 6 and 12 years old, with the most likely ages being 10 (5 year difference from Seto) or 11 (6 year difference). He was born July 7th, which means he started primary school when he was 7, rather than 6.

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