August 16th, 2006

Szayel was here

ZoMG! Skyla's Posting!

And it's an icon post.  :D  Don't you feel lucky?  Hunh?  Don'ya?  XP!!!

AAAAAaanywho, I've been getting into making icons lately (even though I should be doing other things).  Enjoy 'em.  Some of them are more cracktastic than others.  Take without giving credit and I get to put up your head on a post in my front lawn.  :D

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It's a little late.  I think I better hit the sack before I come up with more stuff like this.

Millenium Item translations!

Well, I tried. :)

One or two of the little darlings (jewelry mainly) were quite a pain, and I had to improvise for lack of finding the specific word used (the dictionary isn't designed for English-to-Egyptian translations, alas); and then there was the Key.

There were no keys (of the lock sort) used in that period, so no word. Ragh. I improvised.

Without (too much!) further blathering ...

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random ygo spotting nr. 1.395.596.697

Yesh, more spottings for the PTDC archive!

Now, I've recently come back from my trip to Malaysia and apart from the 15 times I found the word 'yami' in the language and the god-knows-how-many Malik/Marik/Ishtars I've encountered one way or the other (seriously, there are too many) I found a rather amusing one.

On several occasions my family had to fly to and from Kuala Lumpur, only the label from the airport kept shortening it too 'kul' so when someone asked what are next destination was I randomly said 'Kul Elna'.  Which resulted in some very strange looks.