August 14th, 2006

OMG, I'm posting...!!!

I'm kidding *snickers* But it has been a little while since I have posted anything duel-worthy on this site now that the series is over, although the crack is not obviously *snickers* Um...first off, who has seen announcements for CapMon for tv? Here in NC it's going to be shown on FOX instead of Kids WB like the series was. I saw the commercial for it a couple of weeks ago. Interesting, yes.

Secondly, um...this was posted in one of my Yahoo YGO groups - A Dragon's Lair - but it's another "top #" list like our beloved lavaliere posted her "50 things I can't do..." list, well this is a Top 10 List of Uses for the Millennium Items posted by one of the members there :

10- Scales- **wry smirk** who wouldn't love to watch Ammut gobble up
the evil ones in their lives?

9- Puzzle- what better way to dispose of a pesky soul than to lock
it up inside a pyramid and then shatter said pyramid to pieces, ne?

8- Ring- **smirks** because my sense of direction sucks. Granted, it
would only lead me to the other Millennium items, but if I kept them
at home…

7- Tauk- can you say blackmail, baby? ;)

6- Eye- to voyeur into the dirty thoughts of those around me. I
mean, who doesn't wanna know how their own perverseness measures
against everyone else's, ne?

5. Tauk- to take a peek at everyone's sordid past and see just what
I've been missing out on all this time.

4- Eye- Use it to peer into other writers' bunny hatches? Me? Never…
**shifty look**

3- Ring- mmm… just the thought of all those pointy things being able
to move and erect on their own… who couldn't be excited by that?

2- Rod- because with my awesome powers of mind control, all the
original manga/anime creators would begin producing licensed yaoi
and doujin starring all of my favorite boys- in ~English~.

1- Rod- why use plastic to pleasure yourself with, when you can
experience the rich, heavy, slick slide of gold?

Anyone else got any other uses for them? Come on...put your dirty lil minds to use here (and don't deny you don't have one!)
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Brief insanity strikes again!

I find myself tempted to grab my Egyptian grammar and dictionary and actually try to work out plausable "original" names for the Millenium Items, even though I know I would need workarounds for a few -- and that I have two years of being told that English-to-Egyptian is a bad bad bad idea.

(I also find myself picturing Prof. Tobin chugging good Russian vodka and then clubbing me with the bottle, but that's neither here nor there XD )

So, my question is: would anyone be interested in seeing the results of this random notion? :D

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=0 Speaking of Conventioning, Otakon's Yuugiou group died off as well, too. There were no more than 4 of us altogether, and only a single GX cosplayer went to the gathering -- unfortunately, most of us left to either find each other, or go to the Gaia Online panel. I know that a Bakura and I both did that ^^; we had no time to change the gathering time, and even when we made the notice, the Baku and I were LARPing anyways. Oh well. At least my playing of Seto at the LARP was definitely one to remember. In 3 days, Seto not only managed to beat Yuugi in a duel, but hire an assassian the next day to rid himself of Yuugi as well. He helped save time, and at the very end, took off and went to the Bahamas along with everyone else who saved time. And yes, the Fix Time machine was in the KaibaCorp R&D Basement.
Ahaha, I'm a filthy LARPer.

Time I contributed by donating some randomness.

Well, I actually meant to post this part quite a while ago when I got back, but never got around to it. That and it was almost too random to post alone. XD

My mom, stepdad and I went up to Chicago not too long ago to go to the Field Museum and more specifically, the King Tut exhibit, because like a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh! fans, I'm a total Egyptology nerd (even before I got into the series). As I was going into the exhibit and looking at the rest of the Egypt stuff, I did go in hoping not only for the experience of a life time, but to find something I could link back to our beloved, crazy fandom. You know, some artifact to make jokes about (even though I'm very serious about it) . . . Mom made a good one about a certain image on the base of a fan that you would put ostrich feathers in and fan the pharaoh. It was an image of the Pharaoh riding off into battle and chasing after his chariot was an ankh with arms and legs, with the fan, waving it after the Pharaoh. Mom said: "It's like . . . Egyptian cartoons. It's ankhime!" **facepalm** XD

But anywhooo . . . off of that tangent of a joke I thought some may appreciate, I was walking in and of course there are those that brought their younger children with them and they were running about. And running right past me was a little boy of probably about kindergarten or first grade, maybe second, I'm terrible at judging age of those little monsters. But anywhooo, he ran past me and lo and behold, he was wearing a Yu-Gi-Oh! shirt. I, of course, laughed, as did my mom actually. Coincidence . . . ? I think so!

The other thing that I thought I'd bring up hit me when I saw this icon on a previous post (may or may not be the post before this by the time I post). Just what does Yugi's mom do? I know she's spotted like once and we really don't know anything as we've all discovered time and time again, but just what does she do for a job. First thing that comes to mind when I see her is "Wal-Mart check-out lady." I know no one ever notices whenever Yugi and Atemu swap and that's all fine and dandy, but do you suppose his own mother ever noticed? And if so, just what the hell did she wonder? Then I suppose also inspired by the icon: What a damn fine soap opera it'd make if Yugi's Mom did have it going on . . . with Atemu. Somewhere along the line I'm sure that'd be considered incest on some level if it was still Yugi's body. But it'd make for an interesting derainged fanfiction.
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