August 13th, 2006

Fan Mix Questions

Hey, all. So, because everybody's doing it, I've decided to create my own fanmix, featuring my favorite couple, Revolutionshipping (Yami no Yuugi/Anzu).

So, thus far I have 10 songs, but there's one song that I don't know the title of. Here are the lyrics for it:

'Cuz it's you and me, and all of the people,
Nothing to prove, nothing to lose,
and it's you and me, and all of the people,
and I don't know why I can't take my eyes off of you

Has anyone heard this, or know the title?
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A couple of questions - Does anyone know where I can find a dubbed copy of Episode #119 in Noa's arc?

And, does anyone happen to know what Mokuba's favorite card is?
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