August 8th, 2006


Don't you just hate it when things won't leave you alone?

Okay...This happened a few weeks ago.
I was sitting in my room, being relativly bored because I was in a writer's/drawer's block, and I didn't want to do much I began thinking of pairings and their possiblities and whatnot.
I came accross one that didn't suprise me, as in some ways it made more sense than Geminishipping...>> But when I went to look up its name in the various shipping lists...I didn't see it. At all. And now it is bugging me to no end.
Is there a name for Yami BakuraxZork pairings? I know for a fact it isn't poplular...but there are a lot of unpopular ones with names to them. I'm just hoping for a little help so it will stop nagging me.

And just so you bother with this post, I have found someone on YouTube who makes very funny amvs...and good serious ones too. Here is a link to one of them:
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Malik/Ryou Fanmix

...I figured that with the sudden influx of fanmixes here, I ought to post mine too. 8D;; This has been crossposted in a few places, so apologies if you see this like 47832894 times. XD

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