August 5th, 2006


How'd I get here?

weeeell, today I was a thinkin', cos I do that just a bit, and I noticed that the posts her have sort've started to thin out. And so then I thought of the series end, the tears that the comm did shed, and that fear that without new episodes without new crotch shots, things would slowly die out. And thinking of the, end I thought of the beginning, how much higher Yami's voice was, and the uncut series they refuse to show on my TV, and then thought about my favourite parts and what drew me in, and then I remembered... all you guys!

So I'm curious to know, in case it was yet to be properly explored, what part of Yugioh you loved the most, what drew you to the series, sucked you in and made you stay? And how the heck did you end up on play the damn card anyway?
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