July 23rd, 2006

[not!kamui] what fools these mortals be
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Aw, Kaiba cares too

A few belated random thoughts on the English release of Yugioh: Duelist 15 AKA the Yuugi vs. Jounouchi fight in Battle City. Focus will be on Kaiba since his character completely threw me for a loop in this one after the way I saw him act in the anime version and also his previous behavior throughout the earlier Yugioh volumes.

Also, the notes are just me trying to explain for those who may not have read the manga. Please do not join with me in ranting against the mistakes of Viz. I hate getting off-topic.

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Mattel FTW.

I apologize for spamming the community, but I noticed something rather...odd today.

How many of you have those 100-piece YGO puzzles manufactured by Mattel? I have 3 of them, and noticed two rather odd things about them.

First, on the box, it says the puzzle contains a 100 pieces, but the puzzle really contains 108. Ookay...

The second weird thing is the one that's the most amusing(or very very sad. Depends on how you look at it). XD On the puzzle itself, under the Yu-Gi-Oh! logo, there is a copyright mark of course, to Kazuki Takahashi.

Only it's misspelled. On TWO out of the three puzzles, we have "© 1996 Kazuli Takahashi."
The third one just has "©96 KT" on it.

If you have those puzzles, take a look. XD And of course, on the BOX of the puzzle it's spelled correctly.


I'd take some photos, but the camera blurrs it when I zoom, so they're unreadable. >>;;
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