July 21st, 2006

elite beat


Does anyone have a list of all the duelists in the Kaiba Corp Grand Prix/Championship? I'd prefer dub names, but anything's good.

Or more specifically, does anyone know the name of the cowboy guy? Shane something, right? I'm dying to write a fanfic with him, but I don't even know his name! >_
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Crack, crack!caps, and icons.

Well, from my insane boredom, and browsing of the 'net, I've stumbled upon my share of crack. XD So I'm sharing a small bit here. XD

Here we have a primary case of Amazon dyslexia. XD I have no idea how many of you saw it, but I'm posting it anyway.
"Join Yugi and his friends as they duel against the evil Pegasus and his roster of monster cards...but does Yugi expect to win against the king of brothels?" -Friend.

And I have no idea how many of you saw this one either, but apparently, not only does Varon want to beat Jounouchi in a duel, he wants just a bit more than that.
I ask you to look at the location of the target-pointer. (Also, it seems I have a version of that cap with a subtitle on my computer, which reads "No..I have never been so excited for a long time.")

From watching the HK subs, apparently, we found another use of the Sennen Puzzle. As it turns out, the Puzzle, is also a counterpoise(a counter-balancing weight)! No wonder Pharaoh-boy is so 'imbalanced' after Bakura nabs the thing. And the Rod is actually a Millennium Tin Stick.

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Also, a batch of 40 YGO icons is up Right Here.
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