July 19th, 2006

I changed my mind. xD

After seeing the first comments on the post, I changed my mind regarding ygohatememe and promoting it here. You guys are far too funny to let this pass up. So, go ahead and post what you "hate" about our beloved YGO fandom here. But, as soon as it gets mean, I'm taking down the promote and reporting the place to LJ Abuse. This community is for our amusement and for luff. Not for hate.

*nods sagely*

*grabs a bowl of popcorn and sits back to watch*
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Cat Yes/No? XD

This has probably been done before but... Kaiba as a S-Cry-ed character, anyone?

I’ve been watching S-Cry-ed on Adultswim lately and a few days ago I wondered: Am I the only person seeing a distinct resemblance between Ryuho and Kaiba?

I mean, for one thing, there’s the aesthetics:
Ryuho is yet another tall, thin, trench-coat wearing 17-year-old; much like our beloved Kaiba. Of course, Ryuho’s trench is part of his uniform but he’s the only one who makes it actually look quite so long (even if, in reality, it’s about a foot shorter that Kaiba’s). To top it off, Ryuho wears a hairstyle similar to Kaiba’s. His hair is green but if I’m not mistaken, there was a version of Kaiba (in the manga, I think?) that had...you guessed it, green hair.

Secondly, there’s the attitude:
Ryuho is determined, focused, driven and, above all, jaded. He started out as a sweet little kid and, through loss of his mother and little brother (here again they match), became a cynical, hardened young man. Ryuho is also considered the strongest, most ruthless and therefore the best of the “Native Hunters”, known for his cold resolve. He acts as a lone-wolf, determined to never depend on anyone. Kaiba was the Duel Monsters World Champion, is a ruthless businessman and duelist, and also a lone-wolf.

Finally, their characters play similar roles in their respective anime:
Although S-Cry-ed follows a number of characters without purposely having a lead, Ryuho starts out as the guy with the upper hand, underestimating the underdog (a dude named Kazuma) only to find in his opponent an unexpected equal. This sparks a heated rivalry that, through circumstance, grows into a wary respect though the competitiveness is always present. There are even points at which Kazuma and Ryuho wind up working together against a common enemy, much like Yugi and Kaiba.

So what do you guys think? Do we have another Kaiba-wannabe on our hands here? I think we do.
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16 YGO Iconses

-[04]Yami no Yuugi [Atemu]
-[01]Thief King Bakura
-[01]Yami no Yuugi & Yuugi
-[01]Pharaoh Atemu & TKBakura
[11]Fullmetal Alchemist
[16]Pirates of the Caribbean 2

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