July 18th, 2006


Cursed musical plotbunnies.

Ever have one of those moments where you're trying to nudge inspiration for one fic idea, and another one creeps up and attacks you like a rabid ninja?

In that vein, here while I should be being sociable (it's my "vacation" after all) I've hit upon the notion that one particular song would make a lovely bit of inspiration for a slightly-askew bit of ficcage involving the Ring, various Bakura, and just how the whole mess got started.

It could work so nicely as words from yon Ring-spirit's silver tongue ...

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(Alice Cooper is such a wonderful source of inspiration for warped Bakura ideas anyway ... ;D )
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Thief King is a Terrorist?

WARNING: Politics.

Apparently I completely missed the symbolism of Egypt Arch. It seems that the Sennen items and monsters were symbolic for nuclear weapons and that Egypt Arch is more about current events. Here is my proof:

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Anyone for a chat on this?
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RL Semi-sighting!

I was volunteering at the library last night. And while I was shelving holds, I saw a name. That name was MALIK! It was a girl though, and it was her last name. But I saw Malik!
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