July 16th, 2006


Random question time! XD

Being still missing the first four books of the Duelist Kingdom arc (someday I'll buy manga starting at the beginning, I swear), I feel the need to inquire:

Why does Ryou have the bloody Ring with him?

I need to ask before I get on with a bit of song-inspired ficcage ...
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If I didn't have you...

Inspired by digressions on an earlier thread...

Presume for the moment that for whatever reason, the YGO characters couldn't hook up with each other for romance, and had to go looking for a partner elsewhere. Leave out for the moment considerations of whether the character is het, bi, or gay.

What sort of person do you think any of the main characters would look for in a romantic partner? And what sort of person would actually be a better choice for them, where it would be different?
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