July 11th, 2006

Sasuke Blush

This dis O.K?

A while back, I went to the gay paried with Naruto, and me as gay Joey.
And some people wanted pics.

last week, it was Naruto and Sasuke! Heh Heh!
I don't have pic, but I do have a video!

Collapse )
More videos to come, proimse...
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Doctor Who: OT3

So, I wrote some fanfics...

All links point to my LJ. All fanfics are rated PG-13 or under. Some may contain weirdness, incest, and/or blood. Whee!

Man in Red, Ryou & Yami Bakura - Hey, Ryou, you okay? That looked like it hurt. Hope you don't bleed to death. The man in red isn't finished with you. Contains a fair amount of doom, death, and destruction. Weird and probably counts as AU.

An Honest Man, Seto/Mokuba - There are some things you just can't tell your little brother.

Start Wearing Fishnets, Seto/Ryuuji/Yuugi, very cracky, NOT written on a sugar high - Yuugi won't stop writing in his glitter-covered Hello Kitty notebook. Kaiba is wearing eyeliner and writing angsty poems. Ryuuji vows to get to the bottom of this insanity.

The above post also has some FMA fics in it, in case anyone here likes it...*halo*

I can't remember if I ever linked these two here. ^~^;;;;; Someone kick me if I have:

Senile - He'd accepted long ago that he was going prematurely mad. [Ryou and Bakura genfic]

Shades of White, onesided Amane/Ryou - Amane has come across five shades of white in her lifetime.
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A sighting!

yoyo. I'm kindasortanotreally new here. alrightfine. I'm a lurker.

But, I have a RL Shadi sighting ^_^

I was at St. Louis Children's Hospital today with my mom (she works there) and while I was getting lunch, there was a little boy wandering around and his mom goes, "Shadi! Come back here!"

And it was a adorable and I was like OMGSHADI. Also, he was rather dark skinned so he looked like a toddler version of the ACTUAL Shadi ^_____^ *squishes toddler Shadi* and toddler Shadi has very cute very curly black hair ^-^

Also, after lunch, me and my mom went to the thrift store, and I bought a little kid Yu-Gi-Oh! long sleeve t-shirt which I plan to make a purse out of =D

And last but not least, remember the hot dog eating contest Joey? Well, I saw a little bit of the actual competition (I was watching the world cup pregame show, and that was after it and I didn't change the channel fast enough) And his competition Kobayashi looks - notquitebutalmostifyousquint - like Joey. He's Japanese, skinny, and has the bleached blonde hair. ...Not that Joey bleaches his hair >.>

And that, is all.
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