July 9th, 2006

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Two questions!

1) Any Yuugiou fans attending Ikasucon this year? I'll be there Saturday afternoon/evening cosplaying Yami no Malik. I seem to remember an attempt some time ago to gather Cincinnati-based Yuugiou fans for either Ikasucon or Sugoicon, but I can't find the post and my memory is sadly lacking.

2) Were textless versions of the opening/ending themes ever released? If so, is there anywhere I can download them? BitTorrent, direct download, doesn't matter. I'm working on a Yuugiou moodtheme and could really use some caps from the themes without text in the way. >_>

ConnectiCon 2006

So, I don't know if anyone here went to ConnectiCon dressed as characters not from YGO, but I was there all three days, and I saw two Maliks, a Bakura, and a Black Magician Girl (who I saw there last year, too). One of the Maliks and the Bakura were in the Cosplay Chess match, and they were AWESOME; Malik kept beating people up with the Rod, and Bakura snapped someone's neck when they said he was "pretty enough to be a girl". XD Bakura also had a bloody Sennen Eye that(s)he (confusing gender in cosplay, ack!) kept licking, much to the dismay of the chess game's host. *snerk* The Black Magician Girl had a walk-on during the Cosplay Masquerade, which was cute.

As for YGO merchandise, I finally got my hands on some of the Japanese YGO manga! *glee* I couldn't afford all 38, naturally, even at $6 per book (such a deal; I died), but I had planned on getting volume 1 and 38 in Japanese. Unfortunately, they only had 1-37, so I ended up buying volume 1 and volume 32 (the first of the Egypt-arc, with the similar cover art to vol. 1). I also bought volumes 1 and 2 of YGO R. I almost died when I saw them, because I've never actually seen them off of the internet before. I was in fangirl heaven. :D
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