July 6th, 2006

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Remember how way back when, someone posted a question asking who would play who if they sang the song "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better"? And how, for an example, they posted a video of some FMA characters singing it?

Does anybody still have the link to that?
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Quick men! Use the Power of Crack! A poor civillian needs your help!!!

DDDD: I don't have anything fun to give you... I don't think... but, I need help!! Can anyone remember what number the episode is where Anzu takes Yami into town and he gets attacked by seagulls? I think its the one where she goes on the dance machine too?? Dunno, I dont really care what bitch-face does, I just wanna see cracky Yami and I DO NOT want to look through 10 boxsets just to find it DDDDDDDD:

All I can give you in return is a pretty screenshot (because my YGO file is on disc somewhere D:) Collapse )

YGO-exam. No, really!

Teehee. Now, this is random and not really a sighting, but...

I wrote my Ancient Greek exam on Tuesday. And the topic was 'The Pharaoh and the King of Thieves' (taken from Herodot, Histories II, 121)

And now you can all guess what went through my little perverted mind while translating the text.

There. Real life evidence that even the Old Greeks liked YGO already... *smirk*

//*wins at life*//
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