July 3rd, 2006

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Yugioh is Back!

For anyone who haven't hear, (Seriously, thought this would be posted by now.) Yugioh is coming back on the air on WB as of the rest of the summer. It will be running the Egypt Arc saga starting with the end of the KC Championships. It will be on for an hour each Saturday at 7 am to 8 am Eastern time on the WB.

SQUEE! I can finally see Thief King!
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Yami no Bakura Fanmix

Bwa! My first Fanmix. About half of this is put together with my itoko, ankhutenshi's help. We started it while I was visiting her in May, and I finished to include more songs and cover art. I was really trying to go for Yami no Bakura's character and personality, along with references to his dark past. Hopefully, people'll like it. :D

Fanmix Title: With An Angel Face and a Taste For Suicide*
Fandom: Yuugiou
Character: Yami no Bakura

With an Angel Face and a Taste for Suicide
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fanfiction and holograms

I am here to t00t my own horn.

I wrote some really bad fiction, and posted it on FFdotnet (aka deadly frypan of doomedly death where the ugly imps are born). Tis part of the YGO fandom it seems, to have really bad fanfictions, and so I wrote this as an accumulation of all the bad fiction, and so I'd be like all the others and not so outcasted because I don't think my fiction so far is as bad as a badfic. The whole story happens on one page, and it's just poor show.

It's on FFdotnet but becuase I don't want to subject you to the visit it is posted here:

Collapse )Yes I spell bad on purpose. Points to the person who can count all the mispellings of names.

I also wanted to post that I got me some awesome Kings, Queen and Jacks night figure things, but how do the "holographic tablet" things work? because It just doesn't make sense, I find no hologram. I'm pretty sure there's another thing I'm supposed to buy but there's only figures and tablets. lol.
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