June 26th, 2006

Stand Together


Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Today I had a whole lotta errands to run and I had to get some fast-food lunch, which I virtually never do. I had zero cash, so I figured I'd just stop at the first place that I might reasonably expect to take credit cards. The first one I saw was a Carl's Jr. so that's where I went.

When I was ordering, I saw they had a display of Yu-gi-oh toys for their kids' meals! I couldn't believe it; I didn't even know anyone had done a YGO promotion! So I asked if you could buy a toy without buying a kids' meal and the guy showed me the toys they had, which were all something other than YGO. I asked if he had any of the YGO and pointed to the display and he said they weren't doing those anymore, but then he gave me the whole display for free!

It's basically a thick cardboard poster that says "Yu-Gi-Oh!: Dawn of the Duel" and has a picture of Yami circa Battle City (jacket over his shoulders like a cape). At the bottom are four different toys sealed to the poster behind plastic.

1. A block puzzle with Yami, Yugi, and what I think is Valkyrion the Magna Warrior.
2. A box sorta like the Puzzle Box... don't know what's in it
3. Some kind of binocular-looking things with hieroglyphics slotted into it
4. One of those little hand-held pinball-like games where you shoot the little marbles up and try to get them to go into specific slots.

So far I haven't opened it. I'm debating whether or not I will at all, but at the very least I wanna wait until my kids get home from camp this weekend so they can see. Not that I'm gonna let the little buggers have any of them! Mine mine mine!

ETA: I found pictures and descriptions online. The pic of Yami in the middle is the one on the poster and then if you click on the four toys there's a little description. Although... since it's a display set, I don't know if the stickers, tattoos, and "filmstrip" things are there, too. But TATOOS! I think I'll have to bust it open just to see. But not until the kids get home and see it intact.
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Ore no Nihonkai cover

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Was RP-ing a different fandom on AIM, and this OOC stuff happens:
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The monster would look like the showers in the first sims games, and have stupid looking arms and legs, kind of like Bender's from Futurama.
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